Dino Safari, a Covid safe 60-minute drive thru experience currently appearing at the Shoppes at Parma, is the brainchild and creation of Cleveland native Tom Zaller and Imagine Exhibitions. 

Being a native of Cleveland, Dino Safari’s owner Tom Zaller has a special interest in bringing his attraction back home.

“As a native of Cleveland, it is a thrill to bring this amazing, safe and fun experience to families across the Cleveland region, particularly in light of the many challenges everyone has faced over the last year,” says Zaller. “Our animatronic dinosaurs transport visitors to a land of prehistoric proportions! … we know that this is going to be one of the best ways for families to get out safely and enjoy some time together.”

Travel with Dino Safari back in time to the Mesozoic Era when enormous and terrifying monster roamed the earth!  When Pangea was still a super continent. See life-sized denizens from the comfort and safety of your vehicle! Enjoy the animated audio tour included for FREE and presented in English, and for our friends, in Spanish. Here’s a sample Dino Safari Audio Sampler

At 601 Lakeside Avenue E, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 where City Hall currently stands, some 66 million years ago Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Micro raptor, T. Rex, Brontosaurus, and Pterodactyl use to feed on smaller prey and giant trees.

Conveniently located at the Shoppes at Parma – 7671 W. Ridgewood Drive, Parma, Ohio 44129, Dino Safari is right along your path to areas of interest.

Dino Safari is proud to be part of the better-known landmarks and entertainment centers in Cleveland, Ohio

Before you go see the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo again, come see the animals that went extinct 66 million years ago!

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is currently by “reservation only” and you are going to receive a 2-hour timed ticket. Makes things a little more pressurized than normal. Put wheels under your feet and drive over to Dino Safari for a truly new and unique experience!

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is jam packed during the heat of summer. You can splash in pools and on rides, run through Magiquest, stay in theme suites, and dine at multiple choices, but it’s always going to be there — unlike the dinosaurs!

Fun ‘n’ stuff has that one scraggly toothed dinosaur on the minigolf course. Dino Safari has tons of ‘em!

The Cleveland Museum of Art recently reopened and has walk up admissions as well as reservations. It currently has a nice exhibit of ashcan art and New York City photographs. 

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Some say has a dinosaur or two lurking around its hallowed hallways. Filled with artifacts, memorabilia, costumes and guitars from famous musicians and singers, this international destination is in the middle of an update, so some things are not accessible.

Cedar Point Amusement Park has a lot of amazing ups and downs! From roller coasters to drops and twirls you’ll be surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people having a blast. For more controlled and much safer thrills, you’ll love Dino Safari at the Shoppes at Parma. 

Cleveland Museum of Natural History is embracing 100 Years of Discovery this season. Enjoy both permanent and traveling exhibits as well as ongoing to events and new developments. While you might occasionally see a dinosaur or two here, it’s nothing compared to Dino Safari!

Cuyahoga Valley National Park The greater Cleveland area is lucky to have an extensive network of bike and running paths. But when it comes to raw natural beauty and power, the deep forests, rolling hills, and tumbling waterways of Brandywine Falls in this 33,000-acre national park are beyond compare. You can’t help but image massive dinosaurs about to burst out of the dense forest canopy at any moment!

Instead of scaling Terminal Tower, built in the skyscraper boom of the early 1900’s as an office building, come see 20-foot-tall behemoths!

Founded in 1796, historic and picturesque Cleveland grew into the largest city on Lake Erie. It is an ancient area of activity with roots going back to early indigenous tribes. 

In the early 1800’s Cleveland became an important transportation hub between the Midwest and the East Coast states. A century and a half later the economy boomed, and Cleveland was known as “the best location in the nation.”  After that, as we know so well, it rode the economic rollercoaster through the Rust Belt’s decline when manufacturing withered.  She endured hard times and then rebounded at the start of the 21st Century as a major center for healthcare and the arts. 

Today greater Cleveland is home to many entertainment and recreational attractions. Among them one of the very best is Dino Safari!  This wholesome, Covid-safe, family fun thrill ride is now open for a limited engagement run. Don’t delay. Buy your tickets today!