Dino Safari is proud to be part of the better-known landmarks and entertainment centers for Paramus, New Jersey.

Travel with Dino Safari back in time to the Mesozoic Era when enormous and terrifying monster roamed the earth!  When Pangea was still a super continent. See life-sized denizens from the comfort and safety of your vehicle! Enjoy the animated audio tour included for FREE and presented in English, and for our friends, in Spanish. Here’s a sample Dino Safari Audio Sampler.

At 1 W. Jockish Square, Paramus, New Jersey, 07652 where City Hall currently stands, some 66 million years ago Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Micro raptor, T. Rex, Brontosaurus, and Pterodactyl use to feed on smaller prey and giant trees.

Conveniently located at Westfield Garden State Plaza – 1 Garden Plaza, Paramus, New Jersey, Dino Safari is right along your path to areas of interest.


Before you see the Bergen County Zoo Come see the animals that went extinct 66 million years ago!

If you consider the artifacts and daily utensils displayed at The Fritz Behnke Historical Museum old, if you think turn of the century toys and trucks, ancient farming equipment, replicated rooms from the past, and old photographs are a trip down memory lane, you’ll never believe what a trip Dino Safari can be!

Instead of scaling Easton Tower, where some old guy housed a water pump, see 20-foot-tall behemoths!

How many times can you play another round at Monster Mini Golf before your eyes glaze over? Come see the guys with really big eyes!

Saddle River Park and even Ridgewood Dog Park are just familiar hikes with no “yikes!” Put wheels under your feet and drive over to Dino Safari for a truly new and unique experience!

The Hermitage is a nice old house with interesting collections, but grander still is the thrill at Dino Safari!

Paramus is a relatively new city incorporated in 1922. It is an ancient area of activity and roots going back to early indigenous tribes. Because corn and wild turkeys flourished, these people named Paramus to literally mean “where there is fertile land.”

At different times during the American Revolutionary War troops under the leadership of George Washington and Aaron Burr were active in the area.

In the early 1700’s Dunkerhook became a free African-American settlement. Centuries later, around the 1950 the area became known as “the Crossroads of Bergen County.” Truck farming was booming, and 3 major shopping malls opened.

Today, the greater Paramus Area is home to many entertainment and recreational areas. Among them one of the very best is Dino Safari!  This wholesome, Covid-safe, family fun thrill ride is now open for a limited engagement run until August 8th. Don’t delay. Buy your tickets today!