Dino Safari is proud to be part of the better-known landmarks and entertainment centers for the historic township for Freehold, New Jersey.

Travel with Dino Safari back in time to the Mesozoic Era when enormous and terrifying monster roamed the earth!  When Pangea was still a super continent. See life-sized denizens from the comfort and safety of your vehicle! Enjoy the animated audio tour included for FREE and presented in English, and for our friends, in Spanish. Here’s a sample Dino Safari Audio Sampler.

At One Municipal Plaza, Freehold, New Jersey, 07728 where Town Hall currently stands, some 66 million years ago Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Micro raptor, T. Rex, Brontosaurus, and Pterodactyl use to feed on smaller prey and giant trees.

Conveniently located at Freehold Raceway Mall – right off US 9, Dino Safari is on your immediate pathway to areas of interest around the area.

First sighted by the early European explorer, John Cabot, as early as 1468, the Freehold area was not permanently settled until much later. The Township was formerly founded on October 31st, 1693. I wonder if they had Halloween back then? The place earned a spot in American history during the American Revolutionary War. It was a hotbed full of Patriots who opposed the British royal crown. Besides fielding one of the first companies of troops to battle for independence, Freehold earned a place in history when the Battle of Monmouth broke out on June 28th, 1778. George Washington and the Continental Army pursued and attacked the British who were attempting a controlled withdrawal to board ships and head up to New York. The two armies exchanged fire over a series of engagements until Washington’s troops established a superior artillery position. The Brits thought it wiser to disengage and continued on ahead to their boats. The outcome of the battle was inconclusive, but it added a much-needed moral victory and another memorable name to the list of numerous battlefields in New Jersey.

Since then, the region has prospered. Being close to the Jersey shore and to New York City the area is a nice blend of bedroom community, shopping district, and vacation destination.

Today, the greater Freehold area is home to many entertainment and recreational areas. Among them one of the very best is Dino Safari!  This wholesome, Covid-safe, family fun thrill ride is now open for a limited engagement run until August 1st. Don’t delay. Buy your tickets today!

Six Flags Great Adventure sounds like a terrific idea until you realize you’ve been there 12 boring times before. Trekking across the parking lots and standing in line again just does not seem special. You’ll enjoy Dino Safari where you never even get out of the car!

Before you see the Thompson Park Zoo come see the animals that went extinct 66 million years ago! More exotic and bigger than anything alive on earth!

If you consider the artifacts and daily utensils displayed at The Monmouth Historical Association Museum old, if you think seeing 150 items from Bruce Springsteen’s past (Springsteen: His Hometown Exhibit), and if old photographs are a trip down memory lane, you’ll never believe what a trip Dino Safari can be!

How many times can you play another round at Monster Mini Golf or Swingtown before your eyes glaze over? Come see the guys with really big eyes!

The Covenhoven House is a registered landmark. Built in 1753 before the Battle of Monmouth by the same guy who built the Tennent Church, this was clearly the finest home of its day. But grander still is the thrill at Dino Safari!


Monmouth Battlefield State Park Hike across the hallowed ground where General George Washington’s American Continental Army redeemed respectability after a series of defeats and a rough winter at Valley Forge. Attend the annual reenactment. Perhaps you would prefer touring the restored John and Ann Craig Farmhouse? If you like outdoor activities, there is biking, cross country skiing, and horseback riding.

Turkey Swamp Park Here you will find campgrounds to accommodate every favorite style, whether in a modern RV or a rustic tent. And there are facilities to comfort your creature needs, from a laundry to full restroom facilities, including showers. Go hiking, picnicking, or biking. Kick balls on the soccer fields. Let the children run wild on playgrounds. There is even archery. Enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating. Come winter, the lake waters freeze over and ice skating becomes popular.

Freehold Raceway Talk about older than dinosaurs. This place gets close! The oldest horse racing track in America is here. The first race was held over a 160 years ago  and some 30 years ago today a huge regional shopping mall opened up across the street from it, where you can come see the Dino Safari Drive Thru Adventure.

Freehold Art Gallery showcases works by talented local, regional, and international artists. Neatly tucked away above the CVS store on West Main Street sits this little gem. Open for limited hours, you’ll want to stay informed about the series of lectures and events being held.

Freehold Raceway Mall is a full-service regional mall with all the expected big anchor chains: from Macy’s to J.C. Penney to Primark. Lots of independent boutiques with a food court and nice selection of restaurants ensures a wonderful and complete shopping experience. Need wifi? Connect for free while at the mall.